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Comprehensive Dog Services--Classes, Private Lessons, Consultations, In-Kennel-Training, & Boarding

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Canine BOOST Programs! Give your dog a BOOST on manners & basic obedience. Affordable, short-term training option designed to give your dog a BOOST in obedience, house manners, socialization & relationship building!  Also great for dogs with no introduction to obedience/manners or for dogs with behavior issues.  4, 7, 10, 14, & 30 Day options. 


Socicalization Sessions- Held Saturday mornings. Proper socialization is a key component to your dog's well being.  Sessions are free of charge.    These sessions are designed to encourage proper interaction with other dogs.  A mediator, our certified Canine Training & Behavior Specialist, assists dogs to engage in appropriate & safe interactions with each other.

Note: Please contact Jana to schedule a socialization session to evaluate your dog. (715) 642-1506

Dog Boarding-  Your dogs's home away from home.  We strive to make your dog's stay unique.One-on-one interaction and/or group interactions (as appropriate) to help your dog stay mentally and physically balanced. Reservations are Required.  Boarding Flyer



Purchase a KURANDA Dog Bed & Help Your Local Shelter!

10% of every Kuranda Dog Bed sales purchased through this link, is donated to a local shelter.  Find out more about Kuranda Dog Beds



I Have A Horse In My Living Room… A yearling filly close  to  death comes to NALWC.  See photos, her story and updates on our Facebook page

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Dog Behavior Experts

Dog Behavior Experts


  • Doesn't Listen
  • Barks Excessively
  • Is Aggressive
  • Runs Away
  • Pulls Leash
  • Jumps Up


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