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We are currently working on putting our 2015 Schedule together.  Dates & details will be added shortly!

The following dates are scheduled for RNR Ranch & Tack in St. Croix Falls, WI:

April 11: 1 pm - 4 pm, (Group Class) Obstacles

June 27th & 28th:  Two-Day Horsemanship

July 19th: 9 am - noon, (Group Class) pre-Competitive Trail Horse

July 19th:  Private Lesson slots available 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

One-Of-A-Kind Horsemanship Programs.  Increase your knowledge in the barn and in the saddle!  Our courses are designed to provide an affordable and well rounded foundation in horsemanship and a working knowledge in equine care and management topics.  The classroom curriculum was developed to offer practical knowledge valuable to all horse owners/riders, those considering the purchase of a horse, horse lovers, or those interested in a career in the horse industry.  The hands-on portion of our courses are not technique based, but rather designed to encourage each participant to approach each horse differently and in a manner that fosters a life long process of learning; one that we think is critical to becoming a better horseman.


Group Horsemanship Lessons.  Weeknight and Weekend options available.  Group Lessons provide an opportunity to address any issues/concerns you are facing and/or to improve your overall horsemanship.  

Classroom Short Courses. Our veterinarian instructed equine care courses are designed to equip you with knowledge every horse owner should know including: the signs and symptoms of common illnesses or injuries, preventative care, when to call the vet, what to do while waiting for the vet, and what you might expect once the vet arrives.  If horsemanship interests you, explore the philosophies behind the approach in our "Theories of Horsemanship" course, where we will focus on many of the concepts that define horsemanship. 




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