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Dog Classes & Workshops

Experienced. Certified. Dog Behavior Specialist.You really can get quality, affordable training for you and your dog!  Everyone on our team is caring, compassionate and here to help you and your dog.  Our instructor is a certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist who has worked with hundreds of dogs and owners successfully.  

Pre-registration required for all classes! 

Class will be held in Chetek. Registration required

Call Jana at (715) 642-1506 or

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Partnership Workshops

  • Unique workshops in a group setting. Address concerns, questions, learn new things, and build on what you and your dog already know
  • No two workshops are identical—attend one or several!
  • An EXCELLENT alternative for those who have busy schedules 

Socialization Sessions

Proper socialization is an important component to your dog’s overall well-being.  Sessions are designed to encourage appropriate interaction with other dogs.  Our certified canine training & behavior specialist assists dogs to engage in safe and beneficial socialization. Held every other Saturday and offered FREE of charge!   


Dog Training Classes

Puppy Class: Establish a foundation for a positive relationship that will last a lifetime!  Socialization, setting boundaries & more.  For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months. Novice and veteran puppy owners alike will benefit from this class.  NOTE: We are currently accepting Puppies in our Basic Obedience Class.

Basic Obedience: This class focuses on the basics such as sit, down, loose leash walking, house manners (such as place bed,) and guest etiquette. Obedience is not all about “commands” -- this class is a first step for those who seek a mutually beneficial relationship with their dog. NOTE: This class is a pre-requisite for 3D, Agility Obstacles, & Canine Good Citizen.  

3D (Distance, Duration, Distraction): This class is for dogs with basic obedience. In this class, you learn how to incorporate three key elements into obedience work: Distance, Duration, & Distraction. These components take obedience, and your relationship, to a whole new level!

Canine Good Citizen:  This class is scheduled intermittently through out the year based on demand.  Contact us to learn when the next session will be held. 


Agility Courses

Whether for fun or competition, agility is a GREAT way to provide physical and mental stimulation for your dog (and handler!)  Your dog will love having something fun to do!  We currently offer two different class options.  If you are not sure which class is appropriate for you, please contact us!

Intro to Agility Obstacles: Dog and handler are introduced to agility obstacles.  The purpose of this class is to build confidence on various agility obstacles.  A proper foundation is essential! 

Agility Obstacles:  Run your dog on simple, basic patterns in this class.  This class is designed to continue building confidence on agility obstacles while enhancing your relationship with your dog. 



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Dog Behavior Experts

Dog Behavior Experts


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